Monday, April 19, 2010

Jeer: Boston drivers (redux)

Follow-up on our first blog lamenting sucky Boston drivers, particularly those who hit pedestrians in crosswalks.

I had my knee surgery a few days ago and am bound to hobble painfully about our small apartment, or sit on my ass for a few weeks.

The wheels of justice are grinding inefficiently somewhere I suppose, but my knee still hurts. The medical bills are rolling in ($600.00 for a pesky M.R.I.) for example. I'm supposed to submit all of my bills to my lawyer. My lawyer, in turn, goes after the car owner's insurance. According to my lawyer (love saying that) the insurance company pushes back on my health insurance provider. Along the way, I sign numerous forms regarding my income, address, social security number etc. I do so in triplicate.

I then get a call from my lawyer (there it is again) and doctor in turn, wanting me to verify my (you guessed it)  income, address, social security number etc. I marvel at the efficiency. I also wonder where my bills are going.

So, still in the midst of the legalese of it all, am healing semi-comfortably at home and trying to enjoy the ride.

Jeer: Boston drivers

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